Friday, October 15, 2010

Lucky Draw

I got this email last wednesday. terkejut jugak sbb dah terlupa psl contest nih. Masa tuh beli

Autumnz- Washable Breastpads *Buy 4 pcs FREE 4 pcs* i like this a lot!!
Medela - Softfit Breastshield
Tommee Tippee - Bottle & Teat Brush Set
Mebby One Touch Thermometer

Wed, October 6, 2010 7:01:19 PM
PRIZE for Lucky Draw winner......
From: One Baby World Add to Contacts


Hi Puan,

Congratulations to you!!!!

You are one of our CONSOLATION prize winners for our latest LUCKY DRAW contest and your prize will be delivered to you via Kangaroo 105411449 .

Do be a fan at facebook for the latest updates and promotions :)

Thank you.


and this what i won,

1 CD with inserts, extra inserts and satu lagi tak tahu apa :) rasanya accessories yg berkaitan dgn CD jugak kot!!

thanks a lot ONE BABY WORLD!!

p/s: rasa2 cam nak jual jer CD nih bolehke? bkn apa, tak pernah guna and cam tak minat nak guna pun..

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