A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap

Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child

Holding a newborn baby is such a wonderful feeling eventhough it's for the third time

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million

The sweetest flowers in all the world - A baby's hands

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby and Amin

How`s my pregnancy doing?
I'm three mths preggy and it goes very well compared to my first pregnancy. Only last week i'm having bad morning sickness plus with Amin who got sudden fever. Last week, i only work for two days and the rest is filled up by MC and UL. Amin got fever on Monday, so, i decided to take UL and brought him to clinic. The next day, i started to feel dizzy and keep vomiting when consume foods. It is horror!! i'm so afraid that i'm going to experience the same symptom as i had with Amin. On Wednesday, i'm back to office with a pile of workload waiting for me. But, at night, Amin suddenly get cranky and keeps waking up every hour. i've sleepless night, he don't want any formulas. Thus, he just cried and cried. He only get back to sleep when it's dawn and i don't have any energy to go to office that day. Plus with morning sickness that i got, i feel so weak. I've got to go to the office on Friday since my boss has kept emailing me works and works!! This week, i'm feeling better. no more throw up except early in the morning when brushing my teeth. However, i need to consume foods on regular basis to prevent from 'masuk angin'.
Amin has been very good. He no longer wakes up at night provided his stomach is really really full before he goes to sleep. He ate a lot nowadays since he does not consume any formula. i've tried to give him Anmum but he refused to drink.. 'tak cidap, acamm' katanya.. he talks a lot too.. always knows when to talk and react. makin banyak keletah.. well, he's going to be 2 in a week time. how times flies... thinking of throwing a birthday bash for Amin, but don't think will make it because of my conditions is not permissible..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Contest by TheLilCaliph.com again!

Again, TheLilCaliph is organizing another contest. It's not like Cutefam contest which amin won the 7th prizes. The contest requires you to write anything mentioning TheLilCaliph. Well, how do i shd write on this.
I started to know the existence of this website from Aida's blog (when she purchased the Medela Swing). Since then, i kept visiting the website checking on updates of their products. Knowing they're organizing Cutefam Contest makes me so excited to join. I sent in 5 entries and alhamdulillah one of the pics has lead us to be the 7th winner (plus 3 daily prizes). Apart from that, i've been promoting the website in my blog by putting their banner and once again, i've won RM 50 by becoming one of the websites that contributes most hit.
Now, i'm trying my luck again to win. I think i have a very good luck when associated with TheLilCaliph and i hope it really really does.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Family Potrait!

Some of the pics.. will upload more at our FP.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Environment, New Job, New Boss

Officially, i was transferred to another dept (still TM) on 1st December 2008 although i've starting doing new job in early November. At last, after few arguements, i've got the letter! Feel happy?? i don't know.. the new environment is more on self basis.. well you know how sales ppl work.. workload?? A LOTT!! my boss is so motivated and enthusiastic, have lots of ideas... he expect more from me.. and i shd give more.. dah start balik lambat tetiap ari.. ermm.. will i have time for my kids?? i do hope so.. well, i hope this new job will give a lot more experience to me... we'll go through another restructuring and i'll move to TTDI soon.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


last saturday, buat DIY pregnancy test and it comes out positive!! tak sangka pulak pregnant wpun dh ada tanda2 cam pregnant.. slalu kalau tak dtg period mmg normal sbb still breastfeed amin, so doc pun kata mmg period tak menentu.. last period is on oct.. dah 2 bln tak dtg, n masa blk jb arituh, simptom2 pregnant lagi ketara... perut asik lapar jer.. kepala pening2.. sblm blk ke kl, buat test... terus hubby tak kasi breastfeed amin.. sian sgt kat amin.. smp nangis2 mtk susu... tak tahan sgt tgk dia masa tuh smp aku pun menangis skali.. bila dia tgk ummi nangis, dia terus stop nangis.. siap kesatkan air mata ummi.. lagilah ummi sedih.. berenti kat tepi jln beli botol susu n air susu kotak.. amin mmg tak nak minum susu formula.. smp tertido tak menyusu.. kesian sgt kat amin.. bila dia terjaga menangis mtk susu, bagilah susu kotak tuh.. dia tak nak langsung.. last2 belikan dia air soya.. tuh pun tak letak dlm botol susu.. bagi pakai straw jer.. pastuh explain kat dia kenapa dia tak boleh menyusu lagi.. katalah yg susu skang baby punya, amin kena minum guna botol jer.. dia cam faham jer..siap cium perut ummi bila suh sayang baby.. sweet sgt.. besar betul pengorbanan amin utk adik... mlm is the most challenging time sbb dia tak sedar masa tuh.. so, cakaplah apapun mmg dia tak terima.. first night dia terjaga 3 kali.. sekali jer dia minum soya.. second night, dia terjaga 2 kali, n lepas pujuk baru dia nak minum guna botol.. last night, dia dah cam ok sket.. bila kata 't**' utk baby, dia terus mtk botol... sayang sgt anak ummi nih.. mesti amin jadi abg long yg baik n sayangkan adik.. terima kasih yer amin sbb sanggup berkorban untuk adik.. ummi akan ingat saat nih smp bila2.. you're such a wonderful boy!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Balik JB (24th - 27th Dec 2008)

Cuti panjang kali nih kiteorg balik ke JB.. dah lama tak balik tgk umah and makan food yg sedap2 kat JB... kiteorg bertolak rabu ptg (actually pas maghrib). mula2 plan nak balik terus pas office hour tapi hubby terkunci bilik n tertinggal wallet pulak.. so, terpaksa balik umah dulu.. dapatlah mandi n solat maghrib... on the way, berenti jap kat R&R seremban... hubby beli sandwich Dunkin Donuts, akulak belikan amin waffle n sweet corn. Sampai melaka berenti mkn kat Serkam.. tpt fav my hubby. masa tuh dh tgh mlm.. amin dh tido pun.. tapi hubby kejutkan dia suh mkn sket.. amin on the way 2-3 kali cakap 'hatu..hatu'.. buatkan kiteorg meremang bulu roma.. ada satu tpt tuh aku tanya dia.. banyakke.. dia kata banyak... :) smp JB kul 4 pagi.. nasib baik jiran sebelah umah dah tolong kemaskan umah.. takdelah berhabuk sgt umah.

khamis pagi, gi umah tukang jahit jap.. pastuh off we went to sup cendawan kegemaran ramai :).. mmg sedap sup kat sini.. byk jugak kiteorg makan.. pas kenyang, kiteorg ke ulu tiram pulak, ziarah adik mak yg sakit.. smp sana makan lagik... balik dari ulu tiram, singgah kat angsana.. hubby mkn mee rebus.. aku n mak makan rojak petis jer.. bungkus rojak asma bwk balik.. amin teruja sgt2 sbb dapat menggunakan kaki dia sepenuhnya.. kalau tak, asik kena duk kat stroller jer.. ligat betullah dia berjalan dlm angsana tuh..

Jumaat, pagi2 gi cari bfast kat larkin.. pas mkn g shopping kt angsana smbl tunggu hubby solat jumaat. belikan amin baju sepasang n 3 kain pasang utk raya :) ptg gi cari nasi ambang tp semua tpt dh abis.. balik dgn perasaan hampa sgt2.. mlm gi ziarah mak angkat...

sabtu pagi, pas bfast terus berangkat balik ke kl... smp dlm kul 6 ptg...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Photoshot amin with Zubye!

Arinih turn kiteorg amik pics ngan Zubye pulak... dah berapa kali buat appt n cancel.. alhamdulillah kali nih jadi.. buat kat tasik shah alam... amin tersangatlah happynya.. asik nak tgk pics yg zubye dah amik.. smp mengah kiteorg mengejar dia.. mana taknya, asik nak lari ke tasik jer.. this session is our prize from the CuteFam contest. Dengar kata pics dah siap, tgh tunggu CD smp ke umah jer nih.. kalau dah dapat nnt, saya post pics kat sini ye!