Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby and Amin

How`s my pregnancy doing?
I'm three mths preggy and it goes very well compared to my first pregnancy. Only last week i'm having bad morning sickness plus with Amin who got sudden fever. Last week, i only work for two days and the rest is filled up by MC and UL. Amin got fever on Monday, so, i decided to take UL and brought him to clinic. The next day, i started to feel dizzy and keep vomiting when consume foods. It is horror!! i'm so afraid that i'm going to experience the same symptom as i had with Amin. On Wednesday, i'm back to office with a pile of workload waiting for me. But, at night, Amin suddenly get cranky and keeps waking up every hour. i've sleepless night, he don't want any formulas. Thus, he just cried and cried. He only get back to sleep when it's dawn and i don't have any energy to go to office that day. Plus with morning sickness that i got, i feel so weak. I've got to go to the office on Friday since my boss has kept emailing me works and works!! This week, i'm feeling better. no more throw up except early in the morning when brushing my teeth. However, i need to consume foods on regular basis to prevent from 'masuk angin'.
Amin has been very good. He no longer wakes up at night provided his stomach is really really full before he goes to sleep. He ate a lot nowadays since he does not consume any formula. i've tried to give him Anmum but he refused to drink.. 'tak cidap, acamm' katanya.. he talks a lot too.. always knows when to talk and react. makin banyak keletah.. well, he's going to be 2 in a week time. how times flies... thinking of throwing a birthday bash for Amin, but don't think will make it because of my conditions is not permissible..

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