Monday, April 26, 2010

My Sons Milestone

Amin - semlm hubby suggest to potty trained amin since he's still wearing his diapers. well, i've tried it once but failed. thus, this time i'm little bit of inconfidence that he'll stand not wearing any diapers. but due to amin's complain abt his diapers lately and he's started to feel uncomfortable when he pee.. (he'll make weird faces while saying 'amin tak selesalah ummi') i give it a try.. to my surprise, he's not peeing or pooing for the whole day till he's bath time around 6pm. he's not wearing diapers from 10am in the morning!! when i asked him whether he tried to stop from peeing.. but he said no he didn't.. he just don't feel to pee.. around 9pm, amin started to feel uneased. he keeps holding his 'bird' but when i asked him to pee he don't want. then i asked, ' amin nak pakai pampers' he answered 'erm.. pakai pamperslah ummi' well, maybe the training didn't end up well but i'm very proud of my little boy determination.

Saeed - he's 8 m.o last friday and the utmost development is he's having a teeth!! then, ada gaya2 nak duduk and diri pun yer jugak.. only the problem is saeed is not an eater.. sgt2 susah nak bagi dia makan.. most of the time dia akan sembur balik food tuh.. even the bbsitter pun complain saeed tak nak makan.. susu?? ermm.. dah kurang makan for sure asik menyusu jerlah kejenyaa.. tapi badan boleh tahan semangat.. 7.6kg during his last check up..

4 thoughts:

Hernie said...

akak, amin umur berapa dah? sofea dah nak masuk 3 tahun tapi tak start lagi potty train..

Farra said...

muaz gigi dh 6, suka sgt gigit huhu

-ummu amin- said...

hernie, amin dah 3 thn 2 bln. tuh yg risau still pakai diapers lgk

farra, tuh kalau kena gigit ms feeding mau menjerit :)

Anonymous said...

amin? nama yang bagusss!!