Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From Shah Alam With Love *updated with pic*

Last Saturday, my brother in law tie knots with his beloved girlfriend, Fiza. Both, Amin n Saeed had to woke up as early as 6.30am coz the trip will start at 8.00am. i'm being the overwhelmed SIL woke up at 3am after Saeed had his feeding to cook fried rice n sausage roll despite of knowing that my MIL had order kuih for breakfast. Done with my cookings at 4.30am and i went back to sleep, waking up again at 5.45am.

Fiza's hometown is in Sabak Bernam. Thus, the journey took about 2-3 hours from Shah Alam. Hantaran is made by me with assistance from my SIL. We brought 5 tray, and Fiza gave us 8 trays in return. The wedding will took place in one year from engagement date, insyaAllah.

Saeed was so cranky during the discussion held. Everybody is focusing on him instead. Soon after the discussion was done, he stops crying.. ooo my sweet little boy.. why are you doing this to me??!!

p/s:The pics will be uploaded soon.

3 thoughts:

Zuedin said...

daku juga orang sabak bernam

Awang said...

Hi Kak Ayu..
Just want to make a correction...
actually fiza gave 9 hantaran instead of 8 hantaran...
To add more,BIL gave 5,Fiza will return 7 right?? But fiza want to make agar2 n his niece gave the flower halua..So all of it makes 9..

Awang said...

i believe u already LOL..
coz how come ur FIL used an email??~!@#%$#%^%
it's ur SIL.. I'm used my father account..hehe..