A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap

Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child

Holding a newborn baby is such a wonderful feeling eventhough it's for the third time

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million

The sweetest flowers in all the world - A baby's hands

Sunday, June 13, 2010

let's go to the zoo!

lets go to the zoo,
there’re lots of things to do
and the food is finger lickin good

there are tigers, zebras, a friendly giraffe too,
birds and monkeys with a trick or two
there are sealions, otters, a flamingo
birds and parrots that say hello

lets go to the zoo,
there’re lots of things to do
and the food is finger lickin good

last monday, we went to zoo negara. i purposely take one day leave to have fun time with my family. ok.. it's not only us, but together with us was my mother in law, my sis in law, my bro in law and my mom. the more the merrier!! we've been dreaming taking amin to zoo since he is 1 y.o but we postponed it till he really can appreciate what he'll see at the zoo. dengan semangat yg berkobar2, we took off at 8am since the zoo is quite far from shah alam. sempatlah buat roti sosej utk lapik perut.

arrived at 9.30am and crowd dah start ramai.. rasa2nya bas sekolah mahu dekat 10 biji.. beratur budak2 tunggu nak masuk.. tiket is quite pricey.. adult for RM20 (exc zoo serangga) which at first i thought our ticket has included this entrance... kalau naik tram kena bayar lain but we choose to walk instead. lagi best dapat tgk banyak binatang.. sebelum explore the zoo, kiteorg bfast dulu.. aku n mak makan nasi goreng.. with RM5.90 you get nothing but a plain fried rice with cucumber.. mmg dah agak potong kepala punya harga kat sini.. tapi perut dah lapar.. terpaksalah beli jugak.. yg lain2 makan burger..n dapatlah free air mineral sorang satu. amin dah demand mainan, n aku just belikan topi spiderman yg ada sunglass and kipas.. saeed is so behaved smp letak dlm stroller amin pun senyap jer..

pas makan kiteorg tgk multi animal show dulu.. lepas tuh baru jalan round zoo... bagi zirafah makan.. berhenti jap kat air conditioned zoo hut utk breastfeed saeed.. yer, aku terlupa langsung nak bawak susu/air masak utk saeed.. tapi maybe sbb ramai org, saeed tak meragam pun.. dan akhirnya dia tertido dlm stroller amin..kesian kesian kesian..smbg jalan lagi..

abis tawaf zoo around 3pm. on the way, berhenti kat petronas utk solat zuhur pastuh headed back home to have lunner (lunch + dinner) :) at Cili Merah shah alam. penat yg teramat sgt.. tapi yg peliknya budak2 tuh smp umah makin aktif pulak.. tak nak tido langsung..