Friday, January 9, 2009

Contest by again!

Again, TheLilCaliph is organizing another contest. It's not like Cutefam contest which amin won the 7th prizes. The contest requires you to write anything mentioning TheLilCaliph. Well, how do i shd write on this.
I started to know the existence of this website from Aida's blog (when she purchased the Medela Swing). Since then, i kept visiting the website checking on updates of their products. Knowing they're organizing Cutefam Contest makes me so excited to join. I sent in 5 entries and alhamdulillah one of the pics has lead us to be the 7th winner (plus 3 daily prizes). Apart from that, i've been promoting the website in my blog by putting their banner and once again, i've won RM 50 by becoming one of the websites that contributes most hit.
Now, i'm trying my luck again to win. I think i have a very good luck when associated with TheLilCaliph and i hope it really really does.

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Molina said...

Thanks dear! :)

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