Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Phone Again??

Last Saturday we went to Pertama with one objective: to find new phone for my mother in law since their house phone was not functioning for over two weeks due to internal wiring has been stolen and the flat management do no want to do new wiring. We went to previous shop we bought my N6500 slide. Tgk punya tgk, skali ternampak new N5800 Xpress Music. Lebih kurang sama cam iPhone but with extra functions. My hubby suka betul phone nih. at first look, i suka warna dia. maroon with red lining. mmg bestlah... then, my hubby starts to do his dealing skills.. at first i thought he just wants to survey the price. dia tanya seller tuh harga phone tuh.. he said RM 1050, second hand price which the phone is only being used for two weeks only. then, pas dolak dalik... tgk hp i.. chinese tuh nak amik N6500 aku RM 400. then balance will be RM 650.. with my mom and my mil being there, the seller could not resist to reduce the balance to RM 600. the deal is done! and i can't believe that i'm changing phone again in less a year. i told my hubby to use the phone instead coz his Dopod dah uzur sgt.. but he refused. he loves his Dopod so much.. so here i am, using new phone which i told my hubby, this would be my forever n ever phone. my hubby responded.. ye ke? nnt kuar lagi canggih sure tukar lagik :)... however, i really like this hp coz it's very easy to use and look so classy.. cuma quite terkilan sbb tak dapat what's in the box, coz hp second handkan... takdelah dapat carrying case free..


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salam ziarah dan kenal sis..

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