Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hubby's 28th Birthday (Backdated entry)

It's your day today
the day you were born into the world
the day you brings smile and laughter to your parents..
and after 28 years
you've given more and more happiness
not only to your parents.. but
also to me and our son..

for 28th years of life..
you've given more than you should received
you've cherish many lives
the most important things are
you've changed my life completely
you've made me perfect

to the love of my life
you're my one and only
you're the best gift God ever give me
may Allah bless you
may all your dreams come true
i love u...

2 thoughts:

leo said...

Bro eppi birthday!! ulla lala..haha 28 tahun dah yer "Tan sri" heh!~ Moga panjang Umur murah rezeki, cepat2 dapat baby sorang lagi..amin dah merungut dah tu nk adik lak nk wat sparring partner dia bitau aku ari tu..haha..

azirull said...

terima kasih.....sahabat ku....terima kasih...isteri ku...i love u so much....:-)