Sunday, May 18, 2008

My New Gadget

what do i get for my birthday this year?? last year my hubby bought me a new purse for replacement of my old purse that i have been using since i'm single. so, for this year, since i've been nagging a lot on my hp condition. my hubby promised to buy me a new hp. i really really want to have N95 8Gb which has been released recently. but, due to it's price, i think i've to stop dreaming of owning it. my old hp is Nokia 3230 which i've bought on the first year of my marriage in 2005. previously, i'm using O2 Xphone II but due to its charger was being stolen, i have to sell it off. For your info, charger for O2 phone cannot be replaced with any charger that sold in the market. It only works with the original charger which comes together in the box. O2 is one of the best phone that i've been using. sadly, i only get the chances using it for a few months.

My first hp - Nokia 3310 (2001-2005) My Second hp - O2 Xphone II (June - Sept 2005)
My Third hp - Nokia 3230 (Sept 2005 - April 2008)
early last month, on the way back home, hubby suggest to make a survey at Pertama Complex. So, after picking up Amin at my MIL's, we went straight to Pertama. At first, we plan to buy a second hand hp. We manage to get a deal at one of the shop. They offered us RM 400 on top of trading in my 3230 with Nokia 5610 XpressMusic. I like the colour very much. While waiting for my hubby to withdraw the cash, the salesperson told me that the price is excluded the memory card which is standard for me. When my hubby asked abt the charger, they said it is also not included. Thus, my hubby refused to buy if they did not want to give the charger. They insisted not to include the charger, so off we went back home empty handed.

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
The next day, we went back to Pertama and bought my new hp at the very first shop we went that day. Although the price is slightly higher, but they do give us additional items. Lastly, we bought a brand new Nokia 6500 Slide which was my hubby's choice initially. i love my new gadget very much! Thanks hubby!

My New hp - Nokia 6500 Slide (April 2008 - ???)

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