Monday, May 19, 2008

Makan2 @ Rebung

we had our lunch at Rebung on last 27th March in conjunction with TM demerger. One of our unit will be transfer to Finance SSO which affect three person of our team. En Hakimi, Sarah n En Zhul will be leaving Capital Management. The rest of us will be transfer under Group Finance division effective on 1st April 2008.
The food is marvellous and we had the chances to meet Chef Ismail and Florence Tan. Macam biasa, Chef Ismail mmg peramah orangnya. Cuma sayang tak dapat jumpa share partner dia, Sheikh Muszaphar, the Malaysia's first astronaut.
The Owner of Rebung

En Zhul n En Hakimi on the left side
From right: K Yati, Fatimah n K Wan (my AGM)
From right: K Lina, Sarah n En Hakimi
Nik Azman

From left: K Khai, Fatimah, K Yati n Haza

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