Thursday, August 2, 2007

Everything's NEW!!

Yesterday, i started my new job with new boss at new workplace. I'm in the process of adjusting myself into this new environment. Restructuring of Finance wholly made me and 2 of my colleagues being 'lelong' to Capital Management. Yes! i'll be involving in Asset Management or specifically Investment. Alhamdulillah, Chan Qui Yong was no longer here. If not, i can't imagine what will happen to me :) :)

It seems that my AGM is 'ok' same goes to my Manager. I do hope this new post will benefit my career and future. However, i know that this unit has a great responsibility and i may have to stayback everyday. I've discussed with hubbby and he understands it. As long as it's good for me, there will be no objection from him.

So, do pray for my success here..

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