Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amin's 4th Birthday!

Amin is 4 y.o last wednesday and we'd small celebration with dearest family at Nando's SACC Mall. Hubby n me has started planning for this event since last year. my original plan is to have it during our raya open house, but hubby said a big NO since the date and month is not related to any of the kids at all. Amin's birthday is in Feb while Saeed in August, so, it'll looked weird to have the party in October.. ok, i agreed. so, we come out with the idea of having it outside. amin was the one who choose to have it at Nando's despite my mother's persuasion to have it at Pizza Hut :) i've wrote on how obsessed we're with Nando's rite?

since my company is so generous (read:dictator) to enforce force leave during chinese new year, i've ample time to plan n prepare for the big night for both of my boys.. being downloading, choosing and modifying image for the cake, buying n surveying party's items, shopping for the boys new shirt etc. my hubby has bought present for Amin in dec last year (the present is the last piece left in Toys R Us, so we've to grab it right away!) but none bought for little Saeed, ummi promise will buy it before end of this month yer sayang!since the present is iron man 3 in 1 repulsor, so, i've ordered cake with edible image of iron man. the plan is to bring amin's iron man mask during the party so that he can take pics wearing both toys

i've invited both family, my parents and in law, brothers and sisters.. tu pun dah sum up to abt 30++ pax. then we realised what a big family we had :) the party started after Maghrib. i've been in good mood that i've cooked tuna spagetti and few choc cupcake.. luckily Nando's allowed outside food during the party. we arrived at SACC before Maghrib then went to pick up the cake at Secret Recipe.. nasib baik kat situ mmg ada secret recipe.. the cake is quite cheap, i've ordered brownies with edible image, price RM90.10.

while waiting for all the guests arrived, we decided to dig the food first... after mkn2, barulah start nyanyi n potong kek.. amin was so excited when opened the present.. teringat dia remindkan ummi siang tuh masa on the way balik dr tapau ikan bakar bellamy

amin:kita nk balik umahke ummi?
amin:ummi n abah tak kejeke?
ummi:tak, kan mlm nih birthday amin
amin:ha'ah, amin terlupalaa.. tapi ummi kena ingat tau belikan hadiah amin
ummi:kan ummi dh beli jam ben10 tuh, tak yahlah hadiah lagi
amin:yerlah, tapi kalau jam nih rosak ummi beli yg original yer..

i was very happy to see his smiling face that night.. semoga jadi anak yg soleh yer sayang!!

Amin's present

3 thoughts:

Ummu Auni said...

happy birthday sayang!

comellah amin, siap minta replacement jam ben10 original :D

ieka said...

happy birthday big boy.. sekejap je rasanya masa berlalu.. tapi dari baby tgk dulu2 dia mmg budak baik pun kan ayu.. heheh

-ummu amin- said...

thanks auntie aini n auntie ieka!!

aini, dari dulu lagi dia demand jam tuh, kiteorg jer tak nak beli sbb harganya 'WOW!!' tgklah insyaAllah thn nih kiteorg belikan

ieka, alhamdulillah, mmg dr baby he's a good boy.. tak susah nk jaga n tak byk kerenah, smp skang very protective n selalu mengalah dgn adiknya.. cuma biasalah ada jugak cranky timenya tuh