Tuesday, July 3, 2007

-In Construction-

Dear readers,

My blog is still in construction. Pls do not surprised of seeing Amin's pic in the header. It began on last Friday nite when i suddenly eagered to changed my blog (again). But, my little baby needs my attention more. Since last week, my hubby has started to be very busy (he's having meeting every nite in Shah Alam) so there's left only Amin and me in the house. Due to time constraint, i did not manage to complete decorating my blog.

Weekend are busy2 day for us. On Saturday, we go shopping with my mom at One Utama. Our plan is to search for my new pump since my pump has not been functioning but we end up buying clothes for Amin. My mom buy socks and shoe for Amin. I'm surprised that there's no sales in One Utama. Not a really2 big sales i mean. And last Sunday we've been to Ipoh. Just a 'Touch n Go' visit to my bro's house. My mom need to pick up her things since my father wants to stay at my sis's house for quite some time. Then, after we sent my mom to my sis's house, we had to bring my mother in law to Tesco for shopping. Guess what? Amin's new shoe was missing that day. We only realize it when we've reached Giant. I feel so sad and dissappointed :( i've tried to look for it but failed. My hubby promised to buy a new shoe in replacement of the missing shoe.

Yesterday, i got mc caused my gums sore. Went to see dentist and had some medication but i still having the pain until today.....

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