Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Amin's New Stroller

Last Friday, we went to The Curve to collect Amin's new stroller after office hour. At first, Amin cam culture shock jap. Bila set to sit position baru dia ok. Luckily, he loves his new stroller. Spec for Amin's stroller :

Pliko Pramette

Pliko Pramette is a Peg Perego carriage/stroller: in only a few moves the soft and cradle-like carriage, with padded lining in COMFORT dry fabric transform into a practical umbrella stroller, designed in the finest detail to enjoy long and peaceful walks. The height-adjustable ergonomic handles, convenient cup holder, large carry-all basket, removable and washable lining, super suspension wheels and lightweight and resistant aluminum chassis, included zipper rain canopy and window on the hood make the Pramette a small work of art in protection and safety.Pilko Pramette is an umbrella stroller with centralized handles that takes up very little space when folded. Pramette, like all Peg Perego products, is equipped with the exclusive Ganciomatic system that allows you to fasten the Primo Viaggio car seat with one simple move.

Other characteristics
lacquered aluminum frame
swiveling or locking front wheels
back wheels with centralized brakes
brakes independent
wheel diameter 17 cm
opened dimensions, stroller L 53,5 H 102,5 W 88,5 (cm)
closed dimensions, stroller L 39,3 H 103 (cm)
dimensions, carriage version L 53,5 H 102,5 W 90 (cm)
umbrella folding system

Actually, we've been eyeing this stroller since few months back. masa first time jmp stroller nih kat planete enfants kat mid valley. back then, diaorg nak bg diskaun smp 20% if we trade in our stroller with Pramette. Tapi disbbkan budget tak cukup, kiteorg tangguhkan dulu. pastuh, every time gi mid valley mesti gi tgk stroller nih. then, early this month, alhamdulillah ada rezeki lebih sket, so we decide to buy the stroller. but, sadly, there are no more stock. even if we want to book pun takleh. the reason cos next year they will not bring in Pramette anymore. New design and model will be coming in. Dissappointedly, after went to Planete Enfants at Mid Valley and The Mall, i suddenly remember that First Few Years boutique pun ada jual this model. We shoot to The Curve, and Alhamdulillah, they have 2 units of Pramette. The display one is red and another one is grey. We choose the red one. But, we only manage to get 10% discount instead of 20% as at Planete Enfants. We also bought the stroller bag (not Peg Perego brand) but after one day using it, the zip jammed. So, we return the bag to Few Years and decide to buy stroller bag by Peg Perego but there are no stock at the moment. Yesterday, i called Planete Enfants and they said that they have the bag. So, we're going to Atria tonight to have a look at it first. Hopefully, the bag fits Pramette coz Pramette is a little bit bigger than P3.

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