Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Azie!!!

Ermm... baru lps wish besday nieza.. smplak besday azie. Azie's birthday is on 30th July. Azie was my roommate during my study at MMU. Believe it or not... we've been roommate since my pre-u till my final year. it's about 4 years and it'll explained how close we're to each other.. I still remember the first day she moved in to my room at MMU's hostel. She was my groupmate and Yani is the one who introduced her to me. Since my roommate refused to stay in hostel, i've been staying alone for abt 1-2 months before azie moved in. we've been sharing lots of sad and happy moments together and i hope our friendship will last till my last breath. She's now doing her Master in Scotland with her husband.

To Azie, Happy 26th Birthday! (Sorry lambat sehari) Hope you're doing fine in Scotland and wish u all the best in your studies and life. Semoga Allah sentiasa memberkati & merahmatimu selalu... amiin...

p/s:Hope to meet you this coming Sept

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