Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Summary of the Week

Post 1
Last Saturday i've received sms from my ex-housemate saying 'I'M PREGNANT! 5 WEEKS'. Alhamdulillah, after married for 3 years, her prayer has been answered by Allah. Congrats to you, keay dearie. I wish you'll give birth to a cute and healthy baby. Erm...when my time will come? nobody knows... hopefully before my first wedding anniversary :). To those who experiencing 'bunting pelamin', you're so lucky indeed. I used to hope i'll be one of the lucky ones. but.. Allah knows better... for better or worse, life must goes on.. :) (cam takde kaitan je)

Post 2
Being at new department and mingling around with new colleagues has made my life stressful these few weeks. for the first time, i've made a mistake! my boss seems disappointed with me.. why i'm so careless?? ermm.. let bygones be bygones.. nasi dah jadi bubur... lucky me for not being scolded.

1 thoughts:

NaduraH said...

Kekasihku jangan bersedih lagi
Keringkanlah titisan airmata di pipi
Kekasihku tabahkan hatimu
Sekalipun tak pernah terduga
-pesanan eksklusif dari abg Nuar heh-